Wide {Five Minute Friday}

As I look at my choices they seem so wide. So many possibilities, so many opportunities. But here I am, afraid to make the wrong choice. Oh how I pray and wish God would make it simpler for me, narrow my choices so I can easily see where to go.

But sometimes the narrow path isn't always straight. It's not a simple fork in the road where you can easily decide which way to go. The path is narrow, but it is also messy. Maybe there is no simple “yes” or “no”, but how I wish it were.

So I am left to narrow my choices down, make the decision that seems to tough to make. But there is no other option. Am I running away because I am scared, or did I choose this for the wrong reasons. I examine my heart fully to make sure it is right, and if it isn't then I am sure God will do something with that brokenness too.

Leaning on His promises, and trusting in Him, knowing that His plans for me are good, I finally say “no.” Not right now, not in this moment, it's just not for me. I desire to see the amazing faces of my children in the morning and I long to continue to write and connect with my community HERE, not there.

So I have made my choice. More opportunities arise. My heart is excited. I think I made the right choice, and if I didn't then I am sure God will use that too.


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About Heather Bixler

Heather is a mom of three, married to a firefighter, and she is a writer. She is owner of several websites designed to support and encourage Christian women. Heather is passionate about sharing God's word in a practical and loving way.


  1. That fork in the road of Decision Street is a scary place to stand. This was a great reminder to seek Him with all your heart as your choices continue to narrow! I’ve stood there before (and now) and it’s such a comfort to stand there in the presence of such an encouraging community, isn’t it? Wonderful writing.

  2. May you be blessed.

  3. I came over here from 5 Minute Friday. Your post is encouraging.
    Decisions can be difficult to make when the answer is not clearly staring you down. I have been at the crossroads for far too long, not seeking out God. Once I started seeking him out, a sense of peace became apart of my daily living eventhough a decision is still not made.

  4. Love your photo!

    Rest in the truth you already wrote of, He will and IS guiding you. He will use even all of those things you think of as mistakes.

  5. Thank you, Heather, for opening your heart {wide} and for sharing your choice with us! I am resting in your reminder that God IS guiding me each and every moment of this day.

  6. Making a choice is always difficult but we’re blessed we have both the freedom and the luxury to choose. Carry on, He’ll see you through.

  7. I love this, Heather! Who hasn’t been at this same point?! I love that when we’re seeking God we can be confident that He’ll lead us…and like you said, if we make the wrong decision, He’ll still use it for His glory and for our good! I think it was Augustine who said something like this: “Love God with all your heart, and do what you want!” What freedom there is when we just love God. Praying for you at your crossroads!

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