The Battle is Real

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Lately I have been teaching my children that they are warriors NOT victims. I’ll ask them “what are you?” They will respond that they are warriors. Then I’ll ask them “what do warriors do?” Then they’ll say, “PRAY and fight the devil!” Then we will go through putting on the full armor of God.

I have not done the best job at teaching my kiddos how to pray. But more and more, through prayer, dreams, and reading My Bible, God is revealing to me that the battle is real and we need to PREPARE!

“Preparation” is my word for November. God hasn’t revealed fully to me what I am preparing for but He is revealing to me who I am fighting. It’s not easy. There are many days where I feel strong and courageous and then there are days where I feel so weary and tired. Oh how many times I’ve cried out to God telling Him that I just couldn’t take one more step, or go to the battlefield ever again.

I truly want to live out a life that shows my kids how to be a warrior, but in those moments I begin to just feel like a victim. A good friend told me, yes, evil spirits are everywhere BUT there is a greater Spirit within us! I think we begin to feel like victims because we get so focused on the evil that is around us instead of the good that is within us, that is The Holy Spirit.

Last night I was at a small group and we were talking about the full armor of God and how everything in the armor, except for the sword of the Spirit, are all defensive weapons. Then another friend of mine said most of the time we are fighting, all we need to do is just stand there because the battle has already been won.

This spoke to me so much because God has just been speaking to my heart that since The Holy Spirit is in me then my presence will make demons flee! He has been calling me to remain in places simply because He is with me. I don’t have to draw my sword, just stand in the middle of the battlefield, covered in the armor of God. Sometimes that’s all God wants from us, and then other times He requires for us to draw our sword and start fighting with His word.

I don’t know what God might be asking you to do during this season or battle in your life, but remember this, you will get knocked down every time if you are not covered in the armor of God. The belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

Sometimes the truth of what is going on around us is overbearing, but God’s truth will give us the strength we need to face another battle.

Or maybe self righteousness is all you know and leaning into God’s righteousness is a little too foreign for you. But knowing that nothing you say or do will make you unworthy of God’s righteousness will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to face the enemy just one more time.

Maybe worry and anxiety overcome you without a single warning. Prayer will usher you into the gospel of peace, it will prepare you and keep you grounded as you stand your ground in the middle of the battlefield.

How many times do we fear eternity without The Lord? How many times do we believe the lie that we are not saved? Through guilt and condemnation we hardly have the will to even move forward as a warrior. If we are warriors then we need to believe it! The enemy will remove the courage we have by making us question our salvation, this is why we need the helmet of salvation. People will tell you that you are wrong, some may even attack your very personal relationship with God, or even your salvation. I’ve seen it done to pastors on TV, people will say “Are they even saved?” I wonder if these people even realize they are on the wrong side of the battlefield, the enemy is the accuser, sometimes it will take all the strength we have to not accuse another person, or to even not accuse ourselves!

The shield of faith, I always seem to forget this very important piece of the armor, probably because I NEED it the most. I often find myself standing there just taking the blows of the enemy without a shield! I’m so glad God gave us a shield, why do I try to fight the battle without it? Old wounds, and even current circumstances, often test my faith. They usually leave me standing where I am. The shield of faith gives us the courage to move forward in the battlefield. Sometimes we stand, and sometimes we need to swing our sword. But then there are moments where we need to move forward, faith allows us to do this.

The sword of the spirit is God’s word spoken through your mouth. It’s a powerful weapon that should not be taken lightly and used sparingly. That’s really all I have to say about that…

One thing to remember and see is that the armor of God does not have a mask, a warrior never compromises his convictions in order to fight the battle. We stand, we move forward, and sometimes we even speak a few WORDS here and there along the way. But we never compromise who God created us to be. God is always working strategically, but I do not believe that pretending to be someone we are not is apart of His strategy.

Fighting the battle will reveal truths to you that you may rather not know. It might even make you an outcast, but that’s OK. Freedom comes at a mighty price, just ask God. If we are going to be free and win souls for Christ, souls that are truly set free, then we need to be ready to fight. We need to be free ourselves, and we need to know the truth about who we are in Christ. Until then we will be struggling to fight the battle within ourselves rather than the battle going on around us. The armor is about protecting you, but there is training that needs to take place before we can fully suit up for the battle.

Now is the time to prepare and train for the battle ahead because this battle is real…

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