Numbers Matter

At church my Pastor started talking about numbers. He said he wanted to make it clear to everyone in the church that they ARE all about the numbers, because numbers represent people, and Jesus cares about people.

I have to admit in this moment I felt a sense of freedom. Freedom to be able to focus on the numbers. I have this issue with checking how many books I’ve sold, or how many people visit my website. Yes, my love to look at the numbers was not as sincere as my pastor’s, however my heart to reach those who are lost and broken has always been what has driven me to continue with this journey of writing.

Of course not everyone who reads my books will be moved to live a life more in love with Jesus. But maybe one person will, and honestly that is what keeps me going, that one person.

Numbers matter, and that’s OK. It’s a new concept for me. But now every time I look at the numbers I think about the person that number represents. I wish I could sit down and have coffee with them, and talk with them face to face, but for now I will be content to at least be able to connect with them, and pray for them, through the words that I type and publish for them to read…Numbers matter because they represent PEOPLE.

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