31 Days to Give: Spreading JOY!

For the next 31 days (the entire month of October) I will be participating in thechallenge to blog here on my blog every. single. day for the next 31 days. My topic? Giving!

For the next 31 days I will be sharing a different charity with you. In this post I will include a little word from me, information about the charity, and how you can donate online to this charity.

My challenge for you (I am joining in too!):
Is to help support the charity I feature in SOME way. You can do this by donating $5 to each charity I feature, or you can tweet the post I share on my blog, or share it on Facebook. My hope and prayer is that you will JOIN ME in spreading the word about the these awesome charities I will be sharing with you. So please pray about how you can help, and how you can be challenged this month to GIVE MORE.

This Weeks Charity: Spreading JOY

Spreading Joy Corp

Spreading Joy is a unique charity whose goal and mission is to spread JOY!


From the Spreading JOY Website:


Why Spreading Joy? Because I want people to take their eyes off of what they don’t have, can’t see and feel badly for not being able to do – and FOCUS on their abundant blessings, the joy swirling all around them and to start daily doing what they can with their resources to make a difference.


Ways that you can start Spreading JOY:

I hope you will support Spreading JOY during the 31 days to give challenge!


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