31 Days to Give: Compassion International

For the next 31 days (the entire month of October) I will be participating in thechallenge to blog here on my blog every. single. day for the next 31 days. My topic? Giving!

For the next 31 days I will be sharing a different charity with you. In this post I will include a little word from me, information about the charity, and how you can donate online to this charity.

My challenge for you (I am joining in too!):
Is to help support the charity I feature in SOME way. You can do this by donating $5 to each charity I feature, or you can tweet the post I share on my blog, or share it on Facebook. My hope and prayer is that you will JOIN ME in spreading the word about the these awesome charities I will be sharing with you. So please pray about how you can help, and how you can be challenged this month to GIVE MORE.

Today's Charity: Compassion International

Compassion is another fabulous ministry designed to reach out to children living in poverty. Not only do they have a child sponsorship program available, but they also work to rescue babies and mothers, develope future leaders, and they try to meet the needs to those living in poverty.

Some ways you can help support Compassion International: sponsor a child, rescue babies and mothers, develop a future leader, meet critical needs.

Here is a Video from Compassion International About Africa's Children:

I hope you will support Compassion International during 31 Days to Give!

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2 thoughts on “31 Days to Give: Compassion International”

  1. Compassion International has a tender place in my heart. My husband and I have supported this ministry for years. These are dollars well spent on kids that have virtually nothing and I highly recommend Compassion.

  2. Love this! as Blessings Unlimited also partners with Compassion International, and I am a supporter of l too! Thank you for contributing to this wonderful organization Heather! Blessings to you! :)

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