Hope Leads


I have a 16 year old daughter who is the only one of my three kiddos who is homeschooled on a part time basis. She attends a blended charter school where she goes to school two days a week and then she is home three days a week. We actually started homeschooling her the second half of second grade. I remember the day I decided to home school Trinity. I was sitting on the floor playing with my son, Isaac, and I had this burden on my heart. A burden that my children's faith was going to be tested even more than mine. I knew I needed to prepare them for that time in their life. Then I got up off the floor, and went to my husband who was in the laundry room doing laundry (what an amazing man!) and I told him I wanted to home school Trinity. That was the beginning of our journey. Now it seems this journey may be coming to an end very shortly. Today my daughter told me that next year she doesn't want to be homeschooled anymore. She said she would like to give public school … [Read more...]

Press On

Press On

In our home we've been having a wonderful time learning what to do when you make a mistake. Lately in our family mistakes have been met with terrible regret, so much to where we may think we have ruined all the things we have done right. Or we blame others for our failures and refuse to take responsibility for our actions. Another typical response is just flat out giving up and refusing to try and do better or learn from our mistakes. Or we may feel the need to defend our actions because we feel wronged when you overlook all that we do right and point out the one thing we do wrong. For me, I often mull over the stuff I could've or should've said and/or done. Or I sit and live in regret over the things I DID do, or said. My children went back to school last week, and it has been a week of not only refreshing ourselves with the responsibility of establishing a morning routine, but also math facts and the willingness to keep pressing on when you have made a mistake. Just … [Read more...]

Imperfect Motherhood


This week my two youngest started FIFTH GRADE! All I could think about were the very difficult days of when Sarah was a newborn, and Isaac was 16 months old. I remember the first night Sarah was home from the hospital, I didn't sleep all night because she was dealing with some complications from being born, and I was nursing her. The next morning both kiddos started crying at the same time and I was a very tried mama who just wanted to sleep! Back in those days it was survival mode, all the time. I don't remember much about the first two years of Sarah's life, it's still kind of a blur... However, I do remember the questions people would ask me when I would go into the store with Isaac and Sarah, they usually went something like this: Random Stranger: "So, are they twins?" Me: "No, they are 16 months apart." Random Stranger: "Was that planned?!?!" Me: "....." Even though I can't think of anything that was EASY about having two little ones so close in age, I … [Read more...]



I feel like a lot of things have been unclear in my life the past several years. I have always been a person with vision and I felt like I knew where my life was headed. I wish I could say my path was completely clear, but it's not. "Back in the day" I would plan my life out for days, weeks, months, years. I always knew what the next steps were going to be because I always had a goal to achieve. Well life changed and when my husband started getting sick I kind of felt like things were never clear or even stable. I missed having life plotted out and what our next steps were. I feel like God has had us on a detour for so long. Life did not turn out the way I had planned. Life can be a little messy and we may feel like we are always fighting a battle, and there will always be opposition going up against what we are working towards. But often we are in a place where we truly do not know what we are working towards. I still feel that way, but I've also realized lately that … [Read more...]

Not Just Another Face in the Crowd


Back in June our family went on vacation to Disney World. It was our second trip to Disney in less than two years. The first time we went we made sure to go for the full on experience since it was my two youngest's first time being there. But this year we kind of just wanted to go and have some fun, ride the rides, eat the good (overpriced) food! This time we were old pros at this Disney thing. We were actually pretty efficient at packing, getting down there, and getting around the parks. We even had a really great strategy on what rides we needed to ride first, and so on. It definitely wasn't the same "magical" experience as the last time we went simply because our kids were too old to really have any interest in the Disney Characters. When you aren't waiting in line to see Disney Characters it actually saves you A LOT of time at the park. Also, our kids are kind of becoming old pros at this Disney thing, too, which to be completely honest makes visiting Disney a little … [Read more...]

Eternal Blessings


My grandfather lived a pretty rough life. He never had it easy and he went through a lot of things no one should ever have to go through. He was a WWII veteran. Single father to four, three girls and one boy. Suffered the loss of his adult daughter. Had PTSD from the war, and had struggled with anger up until he was baptized with the Holy Spirit in 1973. He was a writer, and when our family visited him last year he told me about how he always wanted to write a fiction story based off of his life story. He said he had seen things that no one should ever have to see. We were actually visiting him in a nursing home. His health had recently taken a turn for the worse. It was a complete miracle that we were visiting WITH him instead of attending his funeral. I will always remember God's grace in that moment and on that entire trip. My heart felt so heavy when he continued to talk about his dreams, the stories he still wanted to write. My grandpa had many stories and … [Read more...]

The Battle is Messy and it’s Hard


I'm reading a fiction book titled "Candle in the Darkness" by Lynn Austin for my book club. I am not much of a fiction reader because I'm pretty picky about what I read, but this book is amazing. I love fiction books that can provide you with a great story but also encourage you in your walk. This book is based in Virginia during the start of the Civil War. As the war begins you find all the men in Richmond Virginia signing up to serve in the war, leaving their families and loved ones behind. They are willing to risk everything for something they strongly believe in. It always inspires me when someone is willing to stand up and risk everything in order to defend something they love and truly believe in. Often I feel we are encouraged because we feel it's right in our heart, and it's for a cause we truly believe in. Our motivation is there and our heart is fully committed. In the beginning of our journey to surrender all for what we believe in, we are almost lost in … [Read more...]

Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for his own?


I can often tell when my husband is not having a wonderful day, or he is especially struggling. Often I will take his annoyance as a personal offense. In my hurt feelings I will often use his weakness against him. In those moments I will react out of my own insecurities, and my own self preservation, as if he isn't allowed to be frustrated or overwhelmed with life. I am also very gifted in reading people's faces or their body language. Again I will take their annoyances, frustrations, suspicions, or indifferences on as a personal attack. The truth is we ALL get overwhelmed at some point in time and say things we wish we didn't say, or do things we wish we didn't do. We all struggle with indifference, being too sensitive, unmerited suspicions, and so on. We ALL struggle with these emotions! God has been speaking grace over my life. GRACE in my own weakness AND in others weakness. Often when I would run from a situation The Lord would prompt me to stay, wait, and stand … [Read more...]