Entering into Worship: The Wall of Competition

A single light bulb glowing among broken bulbs on a black background.

My youngest daughter asked me to French braid her hair, so I went ahead and attempted to French braid her hair like three times, and I failed miserably, every single time! Then I had this idea POP into my head; how about I try doing a SIDE French braid - you know because a regular French braid wasn't challenging enough for me. ;) My daughter agreed ...continue reading

I will choose to forgive…


Whenever someone offends me it's hard to just "forget." In fact it's almost impossible for me to forget what another person has done to me. When there is lying or betrayal especially it takes awhile for me to get to the point of forgiveness. Even though I have been offended I know that I need to forgive, this typically leads me through a process of ...continue reading

When the Seasons Collide


It has been such a long winter. Freezing cold temps followed by snow in the middle of April, one can wonder when winter will stop and spring will begin. Today I woke up to a sunrise that was breathtaking, and also snow falling to the ground. I don't think I've ever seen green grass with a light dusting of snow over the top of it. It was such ...continue reading

Entering into Worship: Deeper Feelings


When we are living a life of worship we enter into a place of peace and rest. We learn to be still before The Lord so that we may hear Him clearer and are able to follow His promptings quicker.I often think of peace or stillness as boring or acting like a robot. I almost relate it to numbness, or not having any feelings at all. Lately God has been calling ...continue reading

Just Say Yes


It's difficult to have Faith when you have failed time and time again. It's difficult to have Hope when you have experienced loss and pain beyond words can ever describe. It's difficult to have love when you have been rejected or betrayed by those closest to you, or those you have trusted. All of these are hard when we look at this temporary world to ...continue reading

Hiding True Beauty


When it comes to working out I like isolation, hiding. Not to vulnerable has always been my way of life until last year God decided He wanted to stretch me into the one He had created.So during the past year vulnerability and exposure was the norm. Getting out of my comfort zone and saying this is me, take it or leave it. But that's the thing, I ...continue reading